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Mmstats is a way to expose and read diagnostic values and metrics for applications.

Think of mmstats as /proc for your application and the readers as procps utilities.

This project is a Python implementation, but compatible implementations can be made in any language (see Goals).

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  • Separate publishing/writing from consuming/reading tools
  • Platform/language independent (a Java writer can be read by a Python tool)
  • Predictable performance impact for writers via:
    • No locks (1 writer per thread)
    • No syscalls (after instantiation)
    • All in userspace
    • Reading has no impact on writers
  • Optional persistent (writer can sync anytime)
  • 1-way (Publish/consume only; mmstats are not management extensions)



CPython 2.6 or 2.7 (Windows is untested)

PyPy (only tested in 1.7, should be faster in 1.8)


  1. easy_install mmstats or pip install mmstats or if you’ve downloaded the source: python install
  2. Then in your Python project create a sublcass of mmstats.MmStats like
import mmstats

class WebStats(mmstats.MmStats):
    status2xx = mmstats.CounterField(label='status.2XX')
    status3xx = mmstats.CounterField(label='status.3XX')
    status4xx = mmstats.CounterField(label='status.4XX')
    status5xx = mmstats.CounterField(label='status.5XX')
    last_hit = mmstats.DoubleField(label='timers.last_hit')
  1. Instantiate it once per process: (instances are automatically thread local)
webstats = WebStats(label_prefix='web.stats.')
  1. Record some data:
if response.status_code == 200:

webstats.last_hit = time.time()
  1. Run slurpstats to read it
  2. Run mmash to create a web interface for stats
  3. Run pollstats -p web.stats.status 2XX,3XX,4XX,5XX /tmp/mmstats-* for a vmstat/dstat like view.
  4. Did a process die unexpectedly and leave around a stale mmstat file? cleanstats /path/to/mmstat/files will check to see which files are stale and remove them.



  • MmStats.remove now removes all files for a PID if you use the TID in the filenames (thanks @bitprophet!)
  • mmash now prepends MMSTATS_PATH to ?glob=... parameters so users can’t traverse the filesystem.
  • Javascript fixes for mmash‘s graphs (thanks @spiccinini!)
  • Handle broken pipes in slurpstats

0.7.2 “Mr. Clean” released 2012-12-12

  • cleanstats now cleans mmstats files for alive PIDs that are owned by other users.
  • Minor cleanups to tests

0.7.1 “Mash Tun” released 2012-11-19

  • cleanstats now defaults to DEFAULT_GLOB if no files are passed on the command line
  • has been deprecated in favor of CounterField.incr(amount=...)
  • mmash Improvements
    • Added nonzero-avg and nonzero-min aggregators to mmash to filter 0s out of aggregated metrics.
    • Added a glob query parameter to /stats/<stats> to filter which mmstats files are included in the stats
    • Backward incompatible change: switched /stats/ to return a JSON Object instead of an array. The array is now the value of the stats key.
  • Minor documentation and code cleanups

0.7.0 “Local Artisanal Stats” released 2012-10-02

  • Per-thread model instances are created automatically - no need to manually create one per thread
  • Backward incompatible change to naming templates; they now use str.format style substitutions:
    • New: {CMD} - Current process name
    • %PID% -> {PID}
    • %TID% -> {TID}

0.6.2 “Graphtastic” released 2012-03-23

  • Added live graphing of numeric metrics thanks to @haard’s work at PyCon
  • Documentation improvements

0.6.1 “MANIFEST.out” released 2012-03-08

  • Fix packaging issue

0.6.0 “PyCon 2012” released 2012-03-08

  • [API CHANGE] - MovingAverageField’s kwarg changed from window_size => size
  • Refactored into fields, models, and default (and imported public bits into __init__)
  • Added TimerField (MovingAverageField + context manager)
  • Added docs (don’t get too excited, just a start)

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